REVIEW: Gender Euphoria, (ed.) Laura Kate Dale #BLOGTOUR

Thursday, 10 June 2021

So often the stories shared by trans people about their transition centre on gender dysphoria: a feeling of deep discomfort with their birth-assigned gender, and a powerful catalyst for coming out or transitioning. But for many non-cisgender people, it’s gender euphoria which pushes forward their transition: the joy the first time a parent calls them by their new chosen name, the first time they have the confidence to cut their hair short, the first time they truly embrace themself.

In this groundbreaking anthology, nineteen trans, non-binary, agender, gender-fluid and intersex writers share their experiences of gender euphoria: an agender dominatrix being called ‘Daddy’, an Arab trans man getting his first tattoos, a trans woman embracing her inner fighter.

What they have in common are their feelings of elation, pride, confidence, freedom and ecstasy as a direct result of coming out as non-cisgender, and how coming to terms with their gender has brought unimaginable joy into their lives.

I would like to preface this review by wishing all my fellow members of the LGBTQ+ community a very happy and joyful pride. Remember: I am so proud of you and I am cheering each and every one of you on every step of the way.

It has been a pressing/tiring/relentless pride month to say the very least. With the loneliness and panic of a pandemic under our belts, emotions that were already pretty delicate have been rubbed raw and certain moves that have been made by both the government and the media are not making finding joy any easier.

But, fuck them. Seriously. This is a time for joy and celebration - to revel in how far we’ve come and bring attention to some of the stories that have brought us light… Even when the light seems switched off and the walls feel like they’re closing in.

Too often in the queer community we’re surrounded by tales of woe and distress; of struggles and an unrelenting uphill battle. And, yes, those stories are so vitally important, because they remind us of our own struggles and those who continue to find them unsurmountable. But, honestly, sometimes it feel as though the pain is never ending.

Which means that Gender Euphoria, a collection of stories by trans, intersex and non-binary writers edited by the wonderful Laura Kate Dale, couldn’t come soon enough. 

For this book, I have no words that will do it justice, only a smile from ear-to-ear. Honestly, you’d have to be a cartoonish Disney villain for these utterly gorgeous stories not to have an effect on you. Hell, I am and whipped me up into a fist-pumping, happy-teared frenzy the like I haven’t seen in months. 

The diversity, the joy, the relief that comes when you are truly who you have always meant to be — this is a collection like no other. It’s a one of its kind that will surely be followed by so many more, as a greater number of people revel in their own beautiful feelings of gender euphoria.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Anne Cater and Unbound for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Head on over to for this book, as well as all of the others featured in my reviews, complete with the added bonuses of free worldwide shipping and bringing a little joy to my life.

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