REVIEW: The Girls From Alexandria, Carol Cooper #BLOGTOUR

Sunday, 4 April 2021

Nadia needs help. Help getting out of her hospital bed. Help taking her pills. One thing she doesn’t need help with is remembering her sister. But she does need help finding her.

Alone and abandoned in a London hospital, 70-year-old Nadia is facing the rest of her life spent in a care home unless she can contact her sister Simone… who’s been missing for 50 years.

Despite being told she’s ‘confused’ and not quite understanding how wi-fi works, Nadia is determined to find Simone. So with only cryptic postcards and her own jumbled memories to go on, Nadia must race against her own fading faculties and find her sister before she herself is forgotten.

Set against the lush and glamorous backdrop of 20th century Alexandria, Carol Cooper’s third novel is equal parts contemporary mystery and historical fiction: a re-coming of age story about family, identity, and homeland. 

A tantalising, evocative blend of historical fiction and mystery, Carol Cooper’s The Girls from Alexandria traverses both continents and decades to bring you a novel that you won’t soon forget. 

Split between Nadia’s current life in a sterile British hospital and jumbled memories of her sweltering childhood in Alexandria, Cooper weaves a narrative like no other; one that brings sights, sounds and loneliness truly to the fore.

And, that is where the book truly excels - the brightness of the colours, the smell of the food, the growing claustrophobia that comes with being trapped in both a room and your ageing, failing body. It is endlessly evocative, insanely real. It stirs up long-forgotten memories and thoughts and feelings of the reader, ones that are surely parallel to the book’s focus on things now buried and long-lost. 

Nadia, like the reader that follows along on her journey, strives for knowledge; for an insight into a past that has always escaped her - and that grows more and more lost, the older she gets.

Beautifully-crafted and endlessly powerful, Cooper surely has a talent for structure. 

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