Lockdown Recommendations: Online Learning

Saturday, 9 May 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Recommendations: Online Learning

Times are tough right now - and I’m not just talking about the looming threat involved with living through a global pandemic. I haven’t been outside of my house’s perimeter in almost three months: haven’t been to the shops, seen my friends or even taken a walk around the block (you wouldn’t either if you had seen these streets). But, even though I know that’s the right decision for me and the people around me, I can’t stop the creeping encroachment of cabin fever.
For me, and I suspect many others, all of the empty hours spent at home has been a drain on energy levels that we never could’ve expected. And though, I am not out there on the frontlines, the toll that this pandemic has taken, is starting to rest its ugly head.
Which is why, as an alternative to staring at the news, the walls, or the doom and gloom of social media, I started trolling the internet for different ways to spend my time. And, I think I’ve found a solution.
Even before the pandemic, huge investment had been made in the production and provision of online learning and educational service (I mean, thanks to my illness, I even finished my degree in one). Which means that, whatever your budget, there’s more opportunities to expand your mind than ever before.
It starts with ambition, after-all, so free yours.

Google Digital Garage
In partnership with the Open University, Google have set up a course in digital marketing that teaches its students how to start, expand and market an online business through easy-to-understand lessons in SEO and SEM. It’s a forty hour, twenty-six module course so expect to spend a fair bit of time on it but, by the end, you’ll receive an accredited certificate to put on your CV!

These guys have been around for years and it’s easy to see why. FutureLearn offer a gigantic range in short online courses from universities around the world and, though you’ve got to pay to receive a certificate, there’s still lots of opportunities to dig deeper into a topic that has always interested you for nothing at all.

The Open University is an international leader in distance-learning so it’s easy to understand why they’ve got another spot on this list. All of their courses (and there’s a bloody lot of them) are accredited by the OU and allow its users to dip in and out of some of the modules from the longer courses that they university has on offer.

This online course provider is basically the American-version of FutureLearn, although its courses are still offered to learners worldwide. Its roster holds some of the biggest heavy-hitters in the entirety of academia (Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, just to name a few) and, with optional certification, it means there’s a chance to put some stellar names on your CV.

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