Lockdown: A Day in the Life

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lockdown: A Day in the Life of a Book Reviewer/Blogger Graphic

Are you as nosey as I am? Or, have you ever wanted to know how a book blogger and reviewer spends their COVID-19 lockdown days? Or, are you simply looking for confirmation that everyone else is as bored/lost/aimless as you are? Then keep on reading.

1am: Online supermarket shop.
As my grandma and I fall into the category of ‘most vulnerable’, leaving the house is a complete no-go right now. Which, although great for free time, is not-so-great when it comes to getting food into the house. The supermarkets are crazy in the United Kingdom right now and, it is only by hours of sitting and waiting, that any access to online slots can be gained. Like always, it is going to be a long night.

11am: Wake up late.
Because of my activity last night, things got off to an even later start than usual this morning. But thanks to no great pressure being put on early rising, snoozing the alarm is actually pretty acceptable right now. At least, that is what I keep telling myself.

11:15am: Check emails.
I sent off all of my MA Publishing applications off on Sunday, so I am currently in the midst of the waiting and trying not to count all of my chickens before they hatch phase. It is a pretty painstaking process - especially for someone like me who has no patience whatsoever, but all I can do is to cross my fingers and wait.

11:30am: Read book.
I am currently in the midst of On the Road to Jonestown: Jim Jones and Peoples Temple because, after all, what is better to take your mind off of the current state of the world than a real-life story about a killer cult? As a quasi-sociologist, I am utterly fascinated by them so this book hasn’t left my side in days.

1:00pm: Lunch.
With online food deliveries coming into the house every three weeks or so, meals are pretty great right now. We’re pretty much bulk buying everything we need and then freezing it, in essence to cut down the amount of times I have to troll the internet for the increasingly hard to come by delivery slots.

1:30pm: Watch The Keepers.
My grandma insisted on a Netflix account at the beginning of the lockdown (regular television, after-all, is a no-go right now), so we’ve been slowly making our way through all of their original programming. Of all of them, The Keepers has been a particular highlight: the 1960s story of a murdered nun and the possible connection the case had to an intricate network of child sex abuse. It is so shocking and I love it.

2:30pm: “Discover Online Learning” webinar.
Though I have already settled on doing a MA in Publishing, I have been keen to check out all of the online options available for further education. The online education programme from the University of Derby is a particular highlight: with over 4000 students and over 100 part-time courses, they’re one of the biggest providers in the industry.

3:15pm: Work through the “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” modules.
This course, offered by the Open University in partnership with Google Digital Garage, is currently the main preoccupation of my days. At forty hours and twenty-six modules in length, it is pretty thorough and, not only am I learning a lot in terms of my future career, my blog is also undergoing a fair bit of behind-the-scenes improvement.

6:00pm: Teatime.
As someone with many dietary requirements and food intolerances, shopping and planning for meals during this lockdown has been more than a little difficult - substitutions have been frequent and items are often missing when deliveries finally make it to the door. But, a recent delivery of gluten-free bread and vegan cheese means that toasties are on the menu tonight. Which, in our house at least, is always a guaranteed hit.

6:15pm: Complain loudly about Stephenie Meyer’s new book on the internet.
It is 2020. We don’t need a new Twilight book. Midnight Sun (the first book from Edward’s perspective) or not. And, unlike all of the other times, this is one book/fan diss that I am not putting a disclaimer on.

6:30pm: Check on status of references.
The most unexpected (and stressful) part of applying for my MA has been gathering up the required references. Workloads are already insane and I don’t want to unnecessarily add to that stress by repeatedly popping in to check on their progress but, with emails from multiple institutions, today it is a needs must.

6:45pm: Write reviews.
With the stress of the current situation taking hold, the book reviews required to keep this blog up and running have fallen into (more than) a bit of a backlog. It is going to take more than a few days to catch up so it is time to grab the gin and get started. I hope you are all ready for the rants and the tea, because there is quite a bit to spill.

9:45pm: Watch Ophelia.
I received a notification this morning telling me that Ophelia, the female-centric retelling of Hamlet starring Star Wars darling Daisy Ridley, had finally dropped on Netflix. It has been out for a few years but, up until now at least, has been pretty much impossible to find online so I am more than little eager to get around to watching it.

11:30pm: Bedtime.
Despite waking up late, today has been a deceptively long day. Which means it is more than time to snuggle up in bed with my penguin Dave, read a few more pages of On the Road to Jonestown, and go to sleep.

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