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Sunday, 12 January 2020

Like many people, my Beauty Bay wishlist is getting a little out of control. Hyped-up beauty releases, old cult favourites, things that I do not really understand but that come in pretty packaging: they are all there. Sitting and waiting and pleading with me to buy them.
It is a daily struggle to not scroll through it and put more than a few items into my shopping basket and so, to combat that urge, I thought I would share those items with you. Because, compiling a blog post is a great way of sublimation, right? 

For me, Juvia's Place is where the future is at, in terms of make-up: black-owned, crazily pigmented, cruelty free products that really do work how they say they are going to. The Tribe palette was an out-of-the-box dream purchase last year and, despite it having a colour-story that I am still coming to terms with (although I am definitely getting there), my goal right now is to get more of their products into my collection. Starting, of course, with the Festival palette.

For years, I have been on the lookout for a setting/baking powder that does not make my under-eye area look even more like the Saharan desert than they already do. It is a hard task and so far, none of those I have tested have been able to successfully undertake it but, on the back of Stephanie Toms's near-constant recommendations, I think this unassuming product might just be up to the job. 

When it comes to Youtube content, Patricia is someone whose videos always zoom straight to the front of my to-watch queue; she's a breath of honest, hilarious fresh air amidst a beauty community that can often come off as less than real and, because of that, I always knew that, if she ever did release beauty products, then I would not hesitate in picking them up. And, what a beauty product this is! A burst of kaleidoscopic colour, this palette seems more suited to an indie brand than resident dupe-Queen Revolution. Its colour-story alone means that it is almost guaranteed to be an instant favourite. 

Do you know when you used to wear Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse and, even whilst you were putting it on, it had already started to clump together and just roll off? That is what I want my exfoliator to do but, you know, to dead skin and not orange paste. I need a peel. And, whilst I am too poor to nip to an actual spa, this product is probably the safest bet. 

I do not know if it is the packaging, or the colour, or the fact that these almost guarantee to be (far cheaper!) dupes of the Stila Magnificent Metals collection, but I am pretty much obsessed with picking up these liquid eyeshadows from Beauty Bay. Because, even though I am well aware of the low success rate of products like this, I am just convinced that this own-brand product might just be on to a winner. 

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