REVIEW: Beauty Bay Ethereal Bouncy Beam Multi Use Highlighter Palette

Sunday, 16 June 2019

When I got my hands on the Beauty Bay nine-pan matte eyeshadow palettes (my review for the orange-toned one can be found here), it was pretty much love at first sight. The colour pay-off was to die for, the staying-power was immense (except for on a rather unfortunate day that paired the wedding of one of my dearest friends with an attack of both out-of-the-blue pollen and a shower of confetti but let's be honest here, nothing could have handled that) and at the small price of just £6.50*, it went toe-to-toe against even the most expensive items in my make-up collection.
And I knew, right then, that I needed to pick up more from the Beauty Bay range.
Which is why my thoughts turned immediately to the Ethereal edition of their Bouncy Beam Multi Use Highlighter Palettes*.
Now, as a lowly, poor, quasi-student who spends too much money on books to splurge £41 on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Palette*, I have been lusting and craving and wanting an icy purple highlighter in my life for quite some time now. But, as my bank balance cried in dread, the sight of any alternatives escaped me. For such a long time, it seemed as though it was Anastasia or bust.
At least, until this palette dropped.
The £12 Beauty Bay palette seemed like the perfect alternative. The pearlescent icy white, the cool toned lilac, the holographic lavender and the iridescent peachy pink shades sent its image to the front and centre of my daydreams.
And there it stayed. Well, until the product actually arrived.
Unfortunately, unlike the powder formula of Moonchild, the Ethereal palette is what Beauty Bay has termed a "bouncy beam" constancy. Which basically means that it is some weird amalgamation of cream to powder that, though it looks banging when you swatch it with your finger, completely fails at any type of application.
Seriously. I tried a brush, a sponge, even my finger; dusted just a little, dug for a lot. No matter how much or how hard I tried (the zoomed-in shot of the top-left shade shows the extent of my frustration, as the obliteration of the B and the sizeable dent was created over the course of about twenty minutes), the beaming, glowing, seen-from-heaven highlight never appeared on my face.
Instead, the only thing that did happen was that the patchy redness of my skin appeared as the highlighter wiped all the other make-up I had put on my face off.
Primer, foundation, colour-correct, concealer - poof! Gone in a single swipe. And that is certainly not what you want when you're aiming for the fullest coverage face ever, like I always am.
Therefore, whilst I have far from given up on the Beauty Bay range and its propensity for offering great products at unbelievably low prices, I think, in the case at least, I am probably going to be sticking to the expensive alternative.
And watching my bank balance plummet as I do so.

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