Best Dressed of the 2019 Met Gala

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

When I think of camp, my mind instantly goes to extremes; to crossing boundaries.
Think you’ve pushed hard enough? Push harder. Think you’ve gone big enough? Go bigger. Think you’ve gone loud enough? Go louder.
The truly mind-bogglingly amazing Susan Sontag, defined camp, as something that “sees everything in quotation marks”; “something of a private code, a badge of identity”. And, what is truest expression of our identity?
Something that makes everyone else stop and stare as you walk down the street.
Camp acknowledges—and delights in—flamboyance. It rejects our collective understanding of high art and revels in garishness. Camp embraces our most tawdry impulses.
This ethos is why I have been even more excited about the Met Gala than usual. Because, the reason why it remains my favourite night of the year after Halloween, is that it is, after-all, a costume gala; one that should thrive under the banner of extreme-before-all-else. After-all, was it not one of favourite and most campiest of historical heroes that once passed on the most important of all life-mottos: “everything in moderation, including moderation”?
If you are not going into this event with that on your mind, well, then you probably shouldn’t be there.
Lady Gaga

Priyanka Chopra 

Katy Perry

Gigi Hadid

Elle Fanning

Jared Leto

Darren Criss

Madelaine Petsch

Laverne Cox

Ezra Miller

Janelle Monáe

Cara Delevingne

Josephine Skriver

Sophie Von Haselberg and Bette Midler

Lupita Nyong'o

Benedict Cumberbatch & Sophie Hunter

Cardi B

Billy Porter


Jordan Roth

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