5 Female Authors I Want to Read More From

Friday, 8 March 2019

"this is an overdue love letter to each & every woman who walked these fields before me & made the path soft enough for me to walk through to get to the side they could never reach. for that, i owe you so much - but i owe some things to myself, too" (Amanda Lovelace)

Happy International Women's Day! Whether you're spending the day living or loving, hoping or wishing, crying or laughing, know that I think that there's something inside of you that the world is waiting to see.
Women are amazing - whether they inspire us or scare us, whether they changed the world or just kicked arse every day by existing in it; and I hope that, by putting aside just one day a year to appreciate and revel in all their majesty, the world will become a lighter, brighter, more richer place because of it.
And, to honour my two favourite, consecutive days of the year (International Women's Day and World Book Day, or Literary Halloween as I think the latter should hence be known), I thought I'd take a moment to reflect on the wonder and magic just five, of the so many, women have brought to my life and to urge myself to seek out more moments to spend with them.

Sarah Moss
Have I ever read writing so beautiful as that by Sarah Moss? She truly has a way with words; one that makes me stand back all the more starkly and realise that writing is a talent, and not something that I will ever be able to learn. Which is okay. I do not mind so much when I have the opportunity to live in the world that has authors like Sarah Moss in it; to witness the wonder that she was able to create in something-like-150 pages of Ghost Wall. It's madness. Pure, wondrous madness.

Juno Dawson
Even though Juno Dawson has become quite the staple of the UK Young Adult scene over the last decade, I have only ever picked up one fiction book by her: the unflinchingly raw, and bloody amazing, Clean. With its honest portrayal of drug addiction recovery, and the inclusion of a cast of characters that wouldn't have seemed out of place in an episode of Gossip Girl, the book quickly shot up to being a favourite in my extensive book collection and now, with plenty of drive to see what else she has written, I am counting down the days until I can get my hands on her latest fashion industry-based release, Meat Market. A book about the dark side of modelling? Holy god yes.

Nicola Barker
When I made my plans to tackle the 2018 Women's Prize for Fiction long-list, I put Nicola Barker's H(A)PPY squarely in the category of dreading it. But I was wrong; more wrong than I have been in a long, long time. With its experimental... well, everything, the book could have gone so wrong in someone else's hands but, in Nicola Barker's, I fell more in love every page that I turned. And now, all I want to do, is to read absolutely everything those hands have ever touched.

Roxane Gay
Every day I stand back and stare in awe at Roxane Gay: at her work, at her clapbacks on Twitter... her raising her voice, makes me want to raise mine. She is my hero, there is not much doubt about that and Not That Bad, the essay collection she edited and collated this time last year, will be forever one of the most important books I will ever read/have ever read; the defining piece of literature of our generation. 

Margaret Atwood
Weirdly, even though I have only ever read a single book by Margaret Atwood, I never hesitate to name her as one of my all-time favourite authors. I mean, what if, outside of The Handmaid's Tale, everything she has ever written is terrible? HA! Can you imagine? It would be like something out of the dystopian worlds she has so masterfully crafted. Instead, I have no doubt that every word Atwood has ever produced, either written or spoken aloud, deserves to be remembered and revered.

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