REVIEW: Vegan Reset, Kim-Julie Hansen

Monday, 18 February 2019

No matter what diet you practice, a reset is a way to jump-start or refocus healthy habits and get your body to a state of optimum health. Here, blogger and Instagrammer Kim-Julie Hansen of Best of Vegan and Brussels Vegan offers a practical and easy-to-follow program, laid out day by day with meal plans, prep, shopping lists, recipes, and personal tips and inspiration. If you want to become a vegan and don’t know where to start, this is the ultimate guide. But it’s also invaluable for anyone (vegan or not) looking to kick-start healthier habits, whether to lose weight, become fitter, or simply cultivate a more balanced lifestyle. Kim-Julie introduces you to the benefits of a reset; guides you through the 28-day meal plan; and finishes with additional recipes to carry you beyond the reset—all brought to life with her gorgeous photography throughout. With its emphasis on satisfying plant-based foods and its achievable 28-day plan, this program is a great way to meet your goals of health and well-being.

Unfortunately, by catching the flu just before New Year's and guzzling down buckets of chicken soup in attempts of making me feel a little more alive, the start of Veganuary completely passed me by. Which is a shame because, the goal of going vegan for an entire month is an... intimidating one, to say the least (even for a person, like me, whose meals are predominantly vegan/vegetarian), and I always feel as though that a confirmed, easily-definable start-date make those challenges a hell of a lot easier.
However abritrary that start-date might be.
But, books like Kim-Julie Hansen's Vegan Reset: The 28-Day Plan to Kickstart Your Healthy Lifestyle really take the intimidation out of such a massive diet overhaul - they're approachable, non-judgemental and in this one in particular, a myriad of dishes are included that are easily-prepared and which contain ingredients that, for a majority of the population, are easily-sourced. And, isn't that normally where vegan cookbooks like this fail? That, by incorporating ingredients that can only be found by getting on a plane and picking the produce yourself, people who are considering veganism as an option, instead are alienated and turned-off by the diet's perceieved-inaccessibility.
I, for one, am definitely going to be leaving this book with a few pointers (black bean tacos? Yes please) and, even though Veganuary was a write-off, the rest of my 2019 is looking a little more hopeful.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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