REVIEW: EYN Fiery Matte Palette by Beauty Bay

Sunday, 13 January 2019

December was a time for preparing to say a long-anticipated farewell to 2018, and a big hello to the newest in Beauty Bay's own-brand make-up line. After the uneasy, mixed mumblings that surrounded the first one, I wasn't really sure what to think about everyone's favourite online beauty retailer coming out with their own make-up but, as soon as I saw these on Instagram, my mind immediately flipped.
This time around, the palettes are far more travel and storage-friendly (9 shadows compared to the gargantuan 42 of the first releases), a fact that I am completely loving because, for the first time ever, an eyeshadow palette actually fits inside of my make-up bag.
Seriously, I have been wearing make-up for nearly ten years and this is the first time that I can honestly say that.
And these cruelty-free, vegan, £8.00 palettes (which is a tick, tick, tick in my book) come in three beautiful colour-stories - Bright*, Fiery* and Berry* - which, in-turn, are offered in three finishes - Matte, Shimmers and Mixed.
I, of course, immediately went for the matte version of the Fiery palette because, almost a year to the day, I am still on the warm-toned kick that marked the beginning of 2018.
I mean, what brightens the face more than a beautiful orange chucked in the crease?
Nothing, I tell you. Absolutely nothing.
And, these shades really are bright. They're super-pigmented, soft (but not in that crumbly way, thank god) and incredibly easy to blend - which was honestly a worry for a second because the shade Cherry Cola has a slightly mauve undertone and we all know how tricky purples can be to work with. Especially in palettes that are more on the affordable end of the price-spectrum.
I have been wearing them pretty much all day every day. Day and night, with only the addition of a gold-toned highlighter if I really want to make it pop for a special occasion.
But honestly, I don't even think it needs it. I opted for the matte-version because the colours are just so stunning by themselves that you can make a really beautiful, eye-catching look using just them on their own.
Every drunken girl I have met in club bathrooms over the last month or so have certainly thought so, at least. And, we all know that they've got the best taste.

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