Try a Chapter: Mystery/Thrillers #1

Sunday, 9 September 2018

My name is Cass and I have a Netgalley addiction. Like, a really, really bad one.
I just can't help myself. I will have six-hundred books that I already need to read, both arcs and physical books I have bought myself and yet, I just can't stop clicking. That is especially true when it comes to mystery/thrillers - if the cover, or the synopsis, or even the typeface of the title intrigues me, I am probably going to press that big, green request button.
That means I have a huge backlog of mystery/thrillers arcs from Netgalley that I have not yet read and I thought, what better way of siphoning out the diamonds from the rough than by challenge myself to a Try a Chapter post. Whereby I can get a kickstart on some amazing new finds, and work out which of the ones sitting on my to-be-read list need to be deleted immediately.
Here's to hoping those are few and far between but, with my knowledge of the genre, I can't help but worry that they will appear in abundance over the next few posts in this series.
Prepare for the worse, hope for the best, right?

Thoughts: Interesting use of a side character being the perspective to introduce the murder, but the use of the finicky, flamboyant French chef archetype feels more than a little tired. The chapter is short and filled with action but, nevertheless, I don't really feel any urgent desire to keep reading.

The Promise*
Thoughts: Wow this took a turn! It's unusual for me to go in to a mystery/thriller completely blind but for this one, I am glad that I did. Since I had no clue about its premise, the twist at the end of the chapter came as an absolute surprise. It was almost like the first few scenes of a crime show before the opening credits, you know? And who is going to turn the channel over after that?

The House in the Hills*
Thoughts: The House in the Hills suffers from the same affliction as many other books in its genre - bad writing. I honestly do not know why so many mystery/thrillers seem to have been written by people who have little to no understanding about sentence formation, and maybe my standards are too high or something, but time and time again I keep find myself in the position of not even being able to get through even a page before my eyes begin to bleed. And this? This one is one of the worst I have ever attempted to read. No wonder it's got one of the lowest ratings of all the books on my to-be read shelf. Jesus Christ.

Pretty Ugly Lies*
Thoughts: Well, well, well. Pamela Crane. We have to stop meeting like this. By “like this,” I mean: you write a book, I accidentally request it, I instantly want to throw it in a fire. Why does this keep happening? Why haven't I learnt my lesson yet? Why do I keep getting so blindly trigger-happy on Netgalley? Note to self: this must not be allowed to happen again in the future.

Look for Me*
Thoughts: This! This right here is what I have been looking for. And to say that it has been waiting on my Netgalley to-be read shelf for close to a year, makes me feel more than a little ashamed. The writing so far is impeccable (a rarity in the genre as you may well have heard me say), the scene appropriately gory (not glossed over, spruced up and rendered unrealistic in its attempts to appear palatable to a wider audience) and the characters already empathetic - ten or so pages in and I already care enough about the main character to not want anything bad to happen to her. Brava.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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