September Book Haul

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Another month over which means it is time for another post that illustrates how I am trying to singlehandedly fuel the bookish economy.

Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon (Autumn 2018) – Book Bingo (Week 1)

Thursday, 27 September 2018

How is it almost time for the Dewey's 24-Hour Readathon again? I suppose that time flies when you spend your entire year procrastinating. I wasn't that up on the game last year, but this time around, I'm already counting down the days and I am getting pretty serious about it. Because, thanks to the wonderful Gabby (GabsAboutBooks) over on Goodreads, I am putting my extremely annoying, frankly ridiculous competitive spirit to the test to complete three rounds of book bingo in preparation for the readathon at the end of the month.
So let's get all-Monica-Geller-level competitive up in here and get started.

Review Round-Up - September

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

In August, I referred to myself as the Simon Cowell of the book-reviewing world and that seems more true than ever this month. It just seems as though the universe is employing some sort of shit book quota in my life, either for its own personal amusement, entertainment value, or just to torture me. Because, in a month that started and ended so damn well, the middle did its damned-well best to make me never want to pick up another book.

REVIEW: A Little Bird Told Me, Marianne Holmes #BLOGTOUR

Friday, 21 September 2018

Besides, if you were one half evil, wouldn’t you want to know about the other half? In the scorching summer of 1976, Robyn spends her days swimming at the Lido and tagging after her brother. It’s the perfect holiday – except for the crying women her mum keeps bringing home. As the heatwave boils on, tensions in the town begin to simmer. Everyone is gossiping about her mum, a strange man is following her around, and worst of all, no one will tell Robyn the truth. But this town isn’t good at keeping secrets… Twelve years later Robyn returns home, to a house that has stood empty for years and a town that hasn’t moved on, forced to confront the mystery that haunted her that summer. And atone for the part she played in it. 

REVIEW: Titans of History, Simon Sebag Montefiore

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Simon Sebag Montefiore presents the lives of the giants who have made our world. The cast varies from conquerors, poets, kings, empresses and whores to psychopaths, prophets, composers and explorers. Informative, entertaining, inspiring and sometimes horrifying, this is a history of the world that contains the characters everyone should know and the stories no one should forget.

REVIEW: Jealousy, Nancy Bush

Monday, 17 September 2018

It's taken time for the plan to unfold, years spent waiting, watching, hating. . . . And after the first victim, the killing gets easier and easier.
The Crissmans, owners of Crissman & Wolfe department store, were once one of Portland's most powerful families. There's still enough fortune left to sow mistrust between Lucy, her bohemian sister Layla, their brother Lyle, and his grasping wife Kate. When a charity event at the Crissman Lodge ends in a fatal poisoning, Lucy becomes a prime suspect. But the truth is even more twisted, and Lucy can't be sure which of her family is being targeted... or who to fear.
Renowned defense attorney Dallas Denton has been hired to clear Lucy's name, unaware of the secret that ties them together or of the deep cracks in the Crissman legacy. Someone is ready to eliminate every obstacle to get what they most covet, and prove that envy runs deeper than blood... 

Best Dressed at the 2018 Emmy Awards

Saturday, 15 September 2018

God, I love the Emmys. 
The shows, the clothes... absolutely everything is perfection.
With the growing popularity of Netflix, other streaming services and the reigning Queen of entertainment, HBO, claiming dominance over people's viewing habits; over the last few years, television has been the place to be. Year upon year, the content, the ideas, the acting have been constantly pushing boundaries and reaching new heights. And, I am certain that I am one amongst millions who would testify to the fact that I have neglected the cinema for the glow of the silver screen. 
I mean, at least 80% of television programming isn't dedicated to superheroes, am I right?

Sarah Paulson and Connie Britton 

REVIEW: School Tales, Sharon Myrick

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Contemporary legend says the business of high school is boring and must forever be that way―that its sole purpose is to deposit tidbits of knowledge into young minds and standardize the way each attacks the world. School Tales begs to differ. As is made clear by its five spunky student narrators, high school, the home-base social institution for teenagers, exerts powerful agency over answers to fundamental questions―Who am I? What do I want to learn? Am I able to direct my life? Can I trust friends to be there for me? How do I find a sense of purpose in contributing to our world?―and is a time of struggle with life’s questions amidst intense pressure to make decisions by graduation and launch into adulthood. Students in School Tales, living in a small town of the southern Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, encounter a number of personal and public issues including racism, anxiety, shame, a cross-country move, gender identity, immigration, family instability, depression, lack of self-direction, abuse, and law enforcement. The lessons they learn in school include the meanings of freedom, success, friendship, exploration, inquiry, confidence, false either/or choices, and dreaming. As these students take charge of their learning, the true goal of high school emerges―and the result is a truly heart-warming view of students building what they would call “a life worth living.”

REVIEW: The Promise, Katerina Diamond

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

When troubled teen Connor moves to Exeter from the US to escape his past, he finds himself embroiled in a world of popular kids and easy girls. Everyone wants to be his friend, but they don’t know about what he did…and they don’t know about his father. As Connor’s life in England begins to unravel, DS Adrian Miles and his partner Imogen Grey are working up against the clock to catch a serial killer who dates his victims before he kills them. Determined to uncover the truth, Imogen is forced to act as bait – but will she take it too far and risk her own life?

Try a Chapter: Mystery/Thrillers #1

Sunday, 9 September 2018

My name is Cass and I have a Netgalley addiction. Like, a really, really bad one.
I just can't help myself. I will have six-hundred books that I already need to read, both arcs and physical books I have bought myself and yet, I just can't stop clicking. That is especially true when it comes to mystery/thrillers - if the cover, or the synopsis, or even the typeface of the title intrigues me, I am probably going to press that big, green request button.
That means I have a huge backlog of mystery/thrillers arcs from Netgalley that I have not yet read and I thought, what better way of siphoning out the diamonds from the rough than by challenge myself to a Try a Chapter post. Whereby I can get a kickstart on some amazing new finds, and work out which of the ones sitting on my to-be-read list need to be deleted immediately.
Here's to hoping those are few and far between but, with my knowledge of the genre, I can't help but worry that they will appear in abundance over the next few posts in this series.
Prepare for the worse, hope for the best, right?

REVIEW: In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie, Cora Harrington

Friday, 7 September 2018

A comprehensive and accessible illustrated guide to lingerie from intimates expert Cora Harrington, founder of The Lingerie Addict , the internet's top intimate apparel blog. While many love the idea of wearing special underthings, lingerie can be intimidating. How is it supposed to fit? How do you take care of it all? Is lingerie really for me? In this beautiful and empowering guide, lingerie expert Cora Harrington demystifies intimate apparel, making it accessible to all sizes, ages, and budgets. Covering everything from basic bras and panties to special occasion wear, shapewear, hosiery, corsets, and more, this no-nonsense handbook empowers you to confidently buy, wear, and care for the underpinnings of your dreams.

REVIEW: The Incendiaries, R.O. Kwon #BLOGTOUR

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Phoebe Lin and Will Kendall meet their first month at prestigious Edwards University. Phoebe is a glamorous girl who doesn't tell anyone she blames herself for her mother's recent death. Will is a misfit scholarship boy who transfers to Edwards from Bible college, waiting tables to get by. What he knows for sure is that he loves Phoebe. Grieving and guilt-ridden, Phoebe is increasingly drawn into a religious group—a secretive extremist cult—founded by a charismatic former student, John Leal. He has an enigmatic past that involves North Korea and Phoebe's Korean American family. Meanwhile, Will struggles to confront the fundamentalism he's tried to escape, and the obsession consuming the one he loves. When the group bombs several buildings in the name of faith, killing five people, Phoebe disappears. Will devotes himself to finding her, tilting into obsession himself, seeking answers to what happened to Phoebe and if she could have been responsible for this violent act. The Incendiaries is a fractured love story and a brilliant examination of the minds of extremist terrorists, and of what can happen to people who lose what they love most.

Most Anticipated Book Releases - September 2018

Saturday, 1 September 2018

It's September. Which means it's the month in television finally goes back to its usual broadcasting schedule (hoorah for the return of EVERYTHING I have been desperately missing this summer - The Deuce, American Horror Story, The Good Doctor, Bob's Burgers, The Resident, the list goes on and on...) and it's when my cousins' kids go back to school and finally stop bugging me to let them play The Sims on my laptop. But just because it's a good month for my life in general (because clearly the most important thing in it is watching tv on my laptop in peace), does that necessarily mean that it's a good month in terms of book releases? Honestly, the jury is still out on that one.