SPOTLIGHT: Penguin Modern Collection

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Modern classics are dense. Less so than actual classics, sure, but they still take a certain level of time and dedication to get through. So to give readers a little motivation and slowly open them up to the writing of some of the most iconic (and perhaps intimidating) authors of all time, Penguin has released a collection of 50 books, each no more than 100 or so pages, that will serve as a form of introduction.
Their words still have the power to move, challenge and inspire, and this new format is key - can you imagine how many powerful voices people are missing out on because in this frontier of full-to-the-brim lives, they cannot spare the time? Honestly, I think this is amazing.
And, because I am a hoarder, take this is a promise that I will soon own them all. 
After-all, they are only £1 each from both Waterstones and Amazon (internationally of course, you can order them from Book Depository, but be aware that they are slightly more expensive), and that temptation is too much to resist.

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