REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Reloaded "Iconic Division" Eyeshadow Palettte

Sunday, 11 March 2018

So let us flashback to late-July 2017: the beauty community, after eagerly awaiting the launch of the newest eyeshadow palette from the Anastasia Beverly Hills empire for the past god-knows-how-many months, have finally received the newest additions to their make-up collections and they're not happy.
Like, at all.
Within a few hours, beauty gurus and average make-up lovers alike, have taken to Youtube to vent their multitude of issues with the palette - the community was in turmoil. I mean, in turmoil over eyeshadow let's be real, but when you spend that much of your hard-earned money on a palette and it turns out to be shit, you can see why people were pissed.
Little ol'Cass was watching this turmoil from afar. Desperately wanting the palette to add to her increasingly grunge-inspired collection (that mustard-yellow, though!), but being continuously more turned-off by each terrible review. And let's be honest, I was on a student budget so I wasn't going to drop £43 (holy shit, £43?!) on anything that wasn't guaranteed to be perfect.
But now, six months later, a high-street brand has finally come to my still-penniless rescue - the dupe kweens, Makeup Revolution.
And, if the dupe is a hundred million leagues better than the original for a tenth of the price, then that's a win for me. Iconic Division from the new Makeup Revolution Reloaded collection has pretty much every single shade from the Subculture palette, but unlike the more expensive alternative, the colours blend together beautifully and none of them are patchy. I mean, sure, there's a tiny bit of kick-back (and I mean tiny, I have eyeshadow palette that cost 10x the price that have more than this) but I am starting to believe that is an unintended consequence of the unusual shades in the palette and at only £4, it is not something that I am mad at.
In addition, unlike the Anastasia palette, Iconic Division does not contain carmine - a pigment made of insect shells which is used to create deep-reds - which means that it is completely cruelty-free and vegan. This is of course, excellent news for all of you guys out there who only purchase vegan and cruelty-free makeup (something which I'm trying to do more of), or those who have experienced adverse reactions to carmine.
Honestly, this palette is one I have used every single day since it arrived and I have been loving it. Whether I am just putting the mustard-yellow or the orange through my crease and running out of the door, or doing far more glam night-out looks with five or six colours in the palette, Iconic Division really does work for everything.
You can pick up this palette and the other three in the Reloaded Collection (which sadly I have bought and been neglecting because of my love for this one) off of both the Beauty Bay and the Revolution Beauty websites. And why wait? At only £4 each, these palettes are sure to fit into any budget.

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