REVIEW: F-Bomb: Dispatches from the War on Feminism, Lauren McKeon

Thursday, 15 March 2018

From pop icons to working mothers, women are abandoning feminism in unprecedented numbers. Even scarier, they are also leading the charge to send it to its grave. Across North America, women head anti-feminist PR campaigns; they support anti-feminist politicians; they're behind lawsuits to silence the victims of campus rape; they participated in Gamergate, the violent, vitriolic anti-women-in-technology movement; and they're on the frontlines of the fight to end abortion rights. Everywhere we turn there's evidence an anti-feminist bomb has exploded, sometimes detonated by the unlikeliest suspects. Between women who say they don't need feminism and women who can't agree on what feminism should be, the challenges of fighting for gender equality have never been greater.

Whilst F-Bomb was engaging, well-written and incredibly witty, it failed to bring anything new to the table when it comes to the discussion of why more and more women are rejecting feminism. This book isn’t targeted at the average Josephine, it is targeted at people already active within the feminist community and frankly, it does not tell them anything that they do not already know - we are aware of the misinterpretation of the feminist label, the rise of ‘white girl feminism’, the growing confidence of the voice that has been given to the alt-right by the election of Donald Trump, and the generational gap within the community itself as to how a feminist should look and act. 
Really, F-Bomb does nothing more than hammer these points home and compile them all into one disheartening, horrifying book. This does not mean by any stretch that the information that it spouts is not important. Feminism does need to do so much more to be intersectional and inclusive, to work on its biases and its bigotries; and to continue to push forward against the issues that affect the unique everyday lives of all of the world's women. But all I wish is that Lauren McKeon could have said something new - anything at all that hasn’t been screamed in frustration by countless women before her. 
And isn’t that the big issue? That so many people raise their voices to express frustration with feminism’s current topography, and yet, day to day, they don’t really do anything to make sure anything actually changes. However hard some may try, feminism as a whole has yet to get its act together, be more kind towards one another, and actually figure out what is important.
Who knows, maybe this will be the book that prompts them to do that.

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