REVIEW: As Good as True, Cheryl Reid

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

August 1956. After a night of rage and terror, Anna Nassad wakes to find her abusive husband dead and instinctively hides her bruises and her relief. As the daughter of Syrian immigrants living in segregated Alabama, Anna has never belonged, and now her world is about to erupt. Days before, Anna set in motion an explosive chain of events by allowing the first black postman to deliver the mail to her house. But it’s her impulsive act of inviting him inside for a glass of water that raises doubts about Anna’s role in her husband’s death. As threats and suspicions arise in the angry community, Anna must confront her secrets in the face of devastating turmoil and reconcile her anguished relationship with her daughter. Will she discover the strength to fight for those she loves most, even if it means losing all she’s ever known?

I am sorry but As Good As True was simply too much for me. I knew from the blurb that the book would be hard-hitting and emotionally-taxing, but I don’t think I realise how relentless and triggering the trauma in it would be.
Fed up of the years of physical and psychological abuse from her husband, Anna kills him in an act of self-defence and breathes a sigh of relief that her torment is now over.
But, it’s not over.
Anna is psychologically tormented her entire life by nearly everybody she knows - just because her husband is now dead, that does not mean that Anna is now free. I mean, that woman would have to kill the entire town to even have a fighting chance of being happy. She suffers at the hands of her mother-in-law, her daughter, her neighbours, her brother-in-law… I mean, even miscellaneous people in the town. It was just too much. She is worn-down by every single one of them and, as the pages went on, Anna’s misery became so deafening that I simply couldn’t read anymore without the novel having a significant impact on my own mental wellbeing.
It was graphic. It was gratuitous. And it was certainly something that, since putting the book down, I have done all that I can to try and forget about.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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