REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Life on the Dancefloor "Guest List" Eyeshadow Palette

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Can I just say that I am blown away by all of the Makeup Revolution releases right now? I mean, holy hell, they have always been good but it seems as though they have lately managed to step their quality up a notch. If that is even possible...

I recently purchased the four newly-released Reloaded Palettes (reviews of those are coming soon) and it reminded me that I hadn't even reviewed the Life on the Dancefloor palette that I snatched up in late-November. No idea how I managed that after even including it in my #2017RoundUp: 5 Beauty Game-Changers list a few weeks ago, but I thought, now it's 2018, I would use the palette as a springboard into more beauty-related content. 
Please don't be mean, okay? It is becoming abundantly clear to me that it is far more natural for me to review books (I mean, duh), so this is going to take some getting used to. But onto the review...
Retailing at an INSANE £10 (I mean, come on, Makeup Revolution how are you even making money at this point?!), this warm-hued palette contains 24 shades that will make sure you're ready to conquer any eye look. Initially believing it to be a holiday season exclusive (hallelujah, it now seems like it is not going anywhere soon), I bought this palette not expecting great things - honestly, I had somehow gotten the idea in my head that, with me being so pale, warm toned shades would make me look ridiculous so I have spent the last ten years sticking solely to silvers. 
Why did no one ever tell me that I looked horrendous?
I mean, my own stupidity is beside the point, but now I finally (finally!) understand the beauty community's hype about warm tones. With soft, buttery and oh-so-pigmented eyeshadows that far exceed the expectation of the price-point, in this, Makeup Revolution puts forward a palette that a person can stay chill with, or go absolutely creatively crazy. I have been wearing this palette every damn day since I got it and have received so many compliments from people acknowledging that cool-tones were completely wrong for me. I just wish they would have told me sooner...
Out of the four palettes in the Life on the Dancefloor collection, I would say that this one is definitely the most universally appealing - a fact that I can attest to, because the first six hundred million times I tried to order it off of the Revolution Beauty website, I found it to be sold out.
But now a few months on, with the hype finally slightly abating, you are sure to be able to get your hands on this palette without facing any major problems.

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