TRAVEL: Oxford, UK

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Oxford is truly the place in the United Kingdom that feels the most British. Surrounded by the smell of cold stone of the university colleges and the ye-old-architecture, I finally began to understand the portrayal of British people in films, in television programmes and in books from around the globe.
Oxford is the epitome of the British stereotype.
The accent, the lawns and the red telephone boxes all meld together to create the Britain of the world's dreams. In fact, the poet Matthew Arnold once called Oxford, "the city of dreaming spires" in attempt to describe its atmosphere to a friend, which casts a sort of ethereal glow to the city that only comes from historical links to religion and great knowledge.
And, such knowledge has walked those streets! 28 Nobel Laureates, 27 British Prime Ministers, 30 International Leaders, 32 Nobel Prize Winners, 12 Saints... It is frankly so amazingly ridiculous that it almost boggles the mind just thinking about the sheer number of Oxford University alumni, who have left a lasting stamp on the world.
I think you feel that when you enter this city: the possibility to do great things, it hangs overhead like the eyes of all of those that have come before you are looking down and expecting something brilliant.

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