22 Goals for 22

Saturday, 25 November 2017

How am I already 22? Honestly, it doesn't feel like minutes since I could legally drink and now here we are - four years later and definitely not feeling like any more of an adult. I thought that by 22, I'd have my life sorted out and already have on my foot on the career ladder towards my dream job. But my dream job has changed four times this year and life hasn't turned out quite the way I thought it would be (which makes the incorporation of Deaf Havana in this post even more appropriate). So here are 22 goals to get me back on track and to make 22 the best year yet!

  • Keep blogging
My attention span is... short. Yeah, short, lets go with that. Reminders of the Changing Times has gone through four or five different versions over the past three years, and I think I may be finally satisfied with it (although I probably shouldn't speak so soon) and this truly could be the one.
  • Up my monthly viewer numbers
Like the insufferable Rachel Berry once said, I am like Tinkerbell, I need applause to live. I'm joking, I'm joking... at least, I think I am.
  • Be a part of more blog book tours
The Little Fires Everywhere Blog Tour was definitely a blog-changing experience. It was amazing to be a part of something that surrounded the launch of such a stellar novel and I just really, really want to have the opportunity to experience something like that again.
  • Reign supreme over photobucket 
Oh damn you, please-update-your-account-to-enable-third-party-hosting! Those pop-ups and driving me up the bloody wall and, as seemingly the only blogger without any sort of coding experience, they're definitely winning the battle so far. 
  • Read 100 books
100 books used to sound kind of scary, but I have read 40 in the past few months so fulfilling this goal sound be a piece of cake.
  • Finish my NetGalley shelf
On the other hand, this goal is certainly a near-impossible feat. Resisting all of the pretty covers that are just staring at me is something I just can't see myself ever managing to do because, let's be honest, my self-control is close to non-existent.
  • Get a handle on my illness and beat the shit out of it
If you haven't heard by now (and how have you not? It is basically all that I talk about), earlier this year I was diagnosed with a chronic stomach illness. It has pretty much pulled my life off track (although it is the reason why I am able to blog/read so much, so every silver cloud and all that) but I feel as though I am finally starting to pick myself up and put all the pieces back together. So here is to putting me back on the path towards my life goals, even if I hit them a year or two later than I was initially expecting.
  • Discover more fun food I can actually eat
Poorly-working stomach = bland, near-tasteless diet. I know, I know, in this bacon-obsessed society, it really does suck. But this year, I definitely plan to branch out more into veganism in an attempt to find some foods to make my tastebuds sing again. 
  • Get back into education
Following on from both of those, one of the things that my illness has thoroughly fucked-up is my education. Gone is the almost-in-my-grasp-degree-from-a-world-leading-university and here to replace it is Open University. But all roads lead to Rome eventually... right?
  • Save some serious dollar
God I need some money. Although, will I ever be able to save any? That's debatable. 
  • Sell all of the books I used to love when I was 12
Piles and piles of books lie dusty and abandoned at the back of my grandma's wardrobe. In them, plain sixteen-year-old girls fall in love with vampires/fairies/greek gods/etc and holy shit, I really need them gone. At this point I am seriously considering setting up an Amazon shop, so if anyone needs any books to torture your arch-nemeses with, hit me up.
  • Go to more gigs
The little emo inside of me cries at the thought of how many gigs I went to this year, and that seriously needs to change. Excitingly, Fall Out Boy have just announced a UK tour so that is definitely one already crossed off the list.
  • Attend a literary festival
This just sounds like heaven, doesn't it?
  • Trek back down to the ol'Diff
Oh, Cardiff how I miss you. In Cardiff, I found where my soul belongs and in my extended period away from it, I am starting to feel a little homesick for a place in which I wasn't even born. Alexandria Gardens (it is behind the City Hall and Cardiff Museum for those who don't know) is honestly my favourite place in the entire world and I can't wait for the moment I walk through it again.
  • Eat Welsh Cakes again
Can I even eat Welsh Cakes anymore? Who even knows. But I know, on my first day back in the Welsh Capital I will be stopping by the market for a still-warm stack of these. God, even the thought of them makes my mouth water. 
  • Visit somewhere beautiful
Do you know what I have learnt this year? Landscape photography is far easier than flat-lays, for me at least. I think it's because no one, no matter how little skill they have in photography (and it is becoming more and more apparent that I have zero), could ever fuck up a photo of something so breathtaking. Really, it is the scenery doing all of the work for me.
  • Score a place on the Penguin Random House internship programme 
It does matter if it takes me a million applications, one day, I will manage to finally be successful. I honestly have never wanted anything more in the world and I don't even care if I am the oldest intern ever when I finally get there.
  • Return to the gym
When I say the gym, I mean all of the things that do not actually include gym equipment AKA pilates and swimming. These activities have proven history of having a positive affect on the stomach and anything that promises that, is something that I am biting the hand off of to sign up to.
  • Get better at photography
My flat-lays suck. I just don't have the knack for it, and I can blame the lens and the camera until my voice goes hoarse, but I know, in my heart of hearts, it is me who is doing a shitty job and not them. I am just surrounded by kick-arse people who have mastered the craft so effortlessly and that is really motivating me to step up my game.
  • Get another tattoo
How about a penguin? (Penguin Random House can you not see my dedication?)
  • Visit a museum
Literary festivals, museums? Oh I feel so cultured. Is this finally the first appearance of adult!Cass?
  • Take more steps to beat insomnia
I say this like it is so damn easy, but I think this year is the one where I am willing to do all that I can to finally combat something that honestly feels like a lifelong condition. I just want a normal sleeping pattern, is that too much to ask?

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