TRAVEL: Caerphilly, Wales, UK

Monday, 2 October 2017

Caerphilly, Wales, UK

Verdict? Caerphilly definitely was not worth the 7.5 mile journey that it took to get there from Cardiff.
Sure, it's quaint, relatively pretty and has a castle, but apart from that, the town really does not have much to offer. And yes, I may be bitter because it rained all the time that we were there and the aforementioned-castle did not even have a roof (it was built in 1290 so honestly, I can't really blame it for that), but this was definitely a pit-stop on my travels that I could probably have survived without. 
I mean, despite our avid searching, we could not even find the much-spoken of Caerphilly cheese we had heard so much about (for someone who constantly thinks about nothing other than food, the prospect of cheese tasting makes even a rainy day a little brighter, after-all). And, do you know what I realised whilst I sat on the bus on the way home with soggy socks and damp hair?
We probably could have picked some up off of Cardiff Market in half the time.

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