REVIEW: Conjuring Affection, Elizabeth Davis

Monday, 30 October 2017

Alison Conner is your average Minneapolis-based twenty something: she likes beer, indie bands, and wine nights with her best friend Linnea. Oh, and she’s a witch. But not, you know, a useful witch—she can cool the air with her mind, but only if there’s a ghost around. It’s not exactly a power they make movies about. She’s a party-trick-only witch, and that’s fine.
Also fine? Linnea’s brother Erik. Which is a problem, because Linnea has made it clear she’s not okay with that. 
But when Erik is around, Alison can’t exactly help herself.
Can I just say that I was drawn to Conjuring Affection because I am a sucker for ‘best friend’s brother romances’? I think it’s just residual left over from my Wattpad days (god, I am getting old) but they always just seem to be so damn hot. Also, my best friends really need to whip their brothers into shape, because none of them are like the love interest that Elizabeth Davis has conjured up in this novella.
Tall? Dark-haired? Tattooed? In a band? Not a total dick?
Teenage-Cass (and let’s be honest, adult-Cass) swooned all the way through this book at that description. Literally, his only downside was that god-awful Alkaline Trio tattoo - I mean, c’mon, dude, really?
In Conjuring Affection, Elizabeth Davis not only manages to create my perfect man (now if only she could make him real and send him this way), she manages to avert the problems that so many who have come before her have faced, by making the main character actually tolerable. More than tolerable, actually.
The protagonist, Allison is all-round meh. Which, as someone who is a bit shit herself, I find her incredibly funny and relatable. Aside from the slightly fact that she’s a witch - with, let’s be honest, rather useless magical powers - she’s an every girl for the hipster generation; someone who likes beer and indie music, and getting drunk and emotional with her best friend.
Switch the beer to cider and you’ve got me and most of my friends.
And, this is what I love so much about this book - with all of the YA knocking around, teenagers find themselves in books all of the time, but when you’re 21/22?? Romance books seem to either focus on first loves or marriages breaking down, which just leaves those in the grey area with no books to see themselves in. I suppose that publishers assume that we’re too busy living it to be reading about it, but hey, I (and many others like me) want to do both!
Hopefully we'll start to see more books like this one, but until then, Conjuring Affection stands out amongst the other books on my shelf as a welcome and refreshing change.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for sending me a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review

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