121 Thoughts I Had Whilst Watching the Game of Thrones Episode, "The Queen's Justice"

Monday, 31 July 2017

Compared to my eagerness to keep watching after the season premiere, last week's Game of Thrones episode did not leave me with any sort of excitement or motivation to see how this week's step of the show's diverging storyline panned out. It has definitely taken me a bit more time to get around to watching "The Queen's Justice" than really any Game of Thrones episode before it, but now that I am finally viewing it, I hope that it is satisfactory in setting the scene for the wars that are certainly to come.

  1. Like all of the episodes so far this season, it's already showing some pretty damn awesome shots of Dragonstone. Just from looking at the powerful waves and the rocks, you can tell that it was a powerful stronghold for Targaryen kings of the past.
  2. It is so lovely to see Jon and Tyrion reunited. Their stories always seemed as though they were going to lead back to one another, so it is nice to see it finally happen.
  3. Every so often someone brings up Tyrion's scar, like Jon is doing now, but with the down-scaling of the injury from a chopped-off nose tip to just a simple cut, I don't think it is as much of a battle wound as the writers seem to think it is.
  4. I always forget that Davos is the onion knight. I wonder if onions are on his personal sigil.. 
  5. You can't take swords into a peace meeting, Jon... no matter how big and scary the Dothrakis look
  6. Why are they taking the boat? It is not a weapon.
  7. Missandei doesn't have an accent. Although Davos most certainly does. I wonder what motivated Liam Cunningham to give the onion knight a Geordie one.
  8. How awkward 
  9. "She's much smarter than she lets on" "She's starting to let on"
  10. DRAGON!
  11. Look at Missandei's smug face. Fuck, I love her.
  12. That pathway is beautiful. Good god, locations department, you have outdone yourselves
  13. Oh fuuuuck, I had forgotten about Melisandre. To say that this is not going to go well, is the understatement of the century
  14. Volantis? Is this the end of Melisandre's story? I really don't like her, but I definitely thought that she would be one of those left alive long enough to play a part in the War for the Dawn
  15. Oh right, maybe she has a bit left to play
  16. Is that ship CGI? It looks awfully see-through
  17. Here we are, one of the most anticipated moments of Game of Thrones: the meeting of ice and fire.
  18. "...This is Jon Snow... He's King in the North" LOVE. IT.
  19. "Flea bottom accent"... is that what they've decided that it is?
  20. I love these little Seven Kingdom history lessons that they keep slipping in, the history and how it has an affect on the events in the present, is definitely one of most favourite things about the A Song of Ice and Fire series.
  21. Jon looks as though he is about to shit himself, I mean, he looks fucking terrified
  22. Well, that was unexpected.. both his actions and hers. I am glad that Dany is finally accepting that her horrendous father wasn't the saint Viserys told her he was
  23. Appearance-wise they're opposites: Dany with her platinum hair, and Jon with his big, dark eyes. It works very well on camera
  24. "But you haven't stormed King's Landing - why not?" Because plot, Jon, plot. If she storms now, what will she fuck around doing for the rest of the season? Head back to Meeren?
  25. She believes that dragons are real, surely Dany must believe in the possibility of white walkers. I mean, there is actually some logic in Jon coming to her as an ally in the fight against them, with her being exposed to more of the magic and the fantasy elements of the plot, than most of the other characters.
  26. The quick run-downs of the backstories are rather heavy on exposition. The audience, who they have turned the books into a series for, already know all of this, can't they explain it off-screen? Fucking hell, it is like a pissing contest.
  27. Although, Davos and Jon are sweeping aside the game of thrones political bullshit and attempting to put what actually matters to the forefront of people's minds: the War for the Dawn. The real conclusion of the series, with all of the rest just being distractions
  28. It is interesting that the Dothraki is not subtitled. It definitely puts this whole sequence of scenes firmly from Jon's point-of-view
  29. I always forget that Kit Harington is kind of short, although him standing next to the Dothraki makes it rather obvious
  30. To see someone like Theon, who was so bold in his saving of Bran in the first season, to this cowering figure is so sad, no matter how much of a twat he has been. 
  31. I'm so glad that he's been found by one of the Greyjoy ships though. He doesn't need to be put through any more torture
  32. Fucking hell, Euron is turning more and more into the Westerosi-version of Lenny Kravitz
  33. I mean, of course Lenny Kravitz has never killed anyone, but with the swagger, the costuming, the stage presence and the crowd of adoring fans, it is clear to see the similarities.
  34. He actually kind of reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean's Jack Sparrow. He is a pirate, after-all.
  35. Although, I do not know if I prefer Euron as the terrifying mass murderer who paints his ship red to cover the blood and cuts out all of the tongues of his crew, or this sort of charismatic, perverted cult-like figure
  36. The first one definitely lends less room for the fangirls that this one is most certainly attracting, both in-series and out
  37. I actually find him a kind of form of comic relief. I do find some of the things that he says quite funny, and I hate myself for it
  38. Which sand snake is that again?
  39. Fuck! I'm still annoyed about them
  40. Wait - who do think that "Yara" and the rest of them have murdered?
  41. Ohhhhhhhh, do they mean Myrcella?
  42. Or, are they really referring to no one, and Cersei is just paying them to stand and jeer?
  43. She is definitely someone that, if she lived in the real world, would pay for her own paparazzi
  44. Oh yeah, they did mean Myrcella. I didn't think that anyone realise that she had killed her
  45. Ewwwww, stop flirting. It's gross
  46. I can deal with incest, but not this
  47. Although, Cersei knows how to hook, line, and sinker the dudes enough to keep them bowing down her every whim
  48. There is no one on Cersei's side that I want to survive, apart from Jaime. Like, what the fuck is he still doing there with her?
  49. Ewwww
  50. Jaime looks mortified and so do I
  51. Has Cersei always been so weird? Her descent into madness is definitely being accompanied by a spiral into weirdness
  52. Fuck off with telling us parts of the story that we already know! It is so needless and I am so bored of it
  53. Why did she take Myrcella away from you? Um, I mean, it's pretty fucking obvious why
  54. Wait. Have they made Ellaria the mother to all of the Sand Snakes? Critical. Research. Failure.
  55. I'd be extremely confident betting £100000 on Joffrey being Cersei's favourite.
  56. W-o-w, Cersei has no friends so she's using her prisoners, and her bitterest enemies, to vent her problems to. I mean, they are probably the only ones left who won't simply walk away when she start to speak, although that's because they're chained to the wall
  57. I'm really beginning to have issues with the acting in this scene, which is weird because I've always found Indira and Lena to be rather good actresses.
  58. I am starting to think it has something to do with the script.
  59. I don't think even the best actors in the world, could turn a truly terrible script into a masterpiece
  60. After-all, just see what happened to the later seasons of Glee
  61. Cersei is definitely stepping into depraved bisexual archetype right around now
  62. God, how I loathe that archetype
  63. Ohhh, she just poisoned her by kissing her. 
  64. The poetic justice was just a little too... on the nose
  65. Also, how would Cersei realistically survive and get through that entire conversation, without poisoning herself
  66. After-all, it was a damn long monologue
  67. Oh, antidote. But, still
  68. I just have so many issues with this scene
  69. I think it all stems back to the fact that I don't really understand Ellaria and the Sand Snakes' motivation to kill all of the other Martells and create an alliance with Dany. I feel as though you need to understand those, even if they are not your own motivations, to feel any sympathy or empathy at all for the characters. I don't feel sorry at all for Ellaria that she has to watch her daughter die and decompose, chained just far enough away that she can't hold her - it is a horrible conclusion to her story, but it does not hold the emotional impact that the show thinks that it does
  70. Or maybe I've just become a sociopath in the show's off-season. Who knows
  71. Jaime! Stop thinking with your bloody penis
  72. I'm so annoyed with his decisions but he's just so beautiful
  73. Don't the Iron Bank send out Faceless Men as debt collectors to kill the people who don't repay them on-time? Can't they just do that to Cersei so all of this pissing about will be over
  74. Because I know they're on the losing side, I just can't make my self seem to care anymore
  75. They've been paying this debt off for twenty years, there is no way that she is going to be able to find the money in a fortnight
  76. I mean, not unless she makes a deal with the devil
  77. Or she goes into high-class prostitution, it's either/or at this point
  78. ...She's going to light him on fire, isn't she?
  79. Jon really needs to harness the power of freezing people to death if he's going to be surrounded by this many women who enjoy killing with fire. Targeted hypothermia, perhaps?
  80. "You look a lot better brooding than I do" That he does. Although the fact that brooding is all that Jon does, probably has something to do with it
  81. It doesn't look much like an island to me with the background of these shots, it looks quite a bit like rural Britain actually
  82. I love Tyrion. Here he is in the role of the voice of reason, and he is doing a bloody good job as it. It looks far better on him than loveable, alcoholic mess... although I do love him as that too
  83. Tyrion and Dany have become a rather odd couple and I actually rather like it. With such different personalities, it is so unexpected that their relationship works so well
  84. "You must allow them their flights of fancy: it's dreary in the North"
  85. The dragons look like birds flying over the horizon
  86. Wait - so does the whole of Westeros now know that Bran is alive? I suppose, by finding Rickon, it kind of discredited Theon's story about killing them in his hostile takeover of Winterfell
  87. Dany's 3D dragon pin! I love it
  88. Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington have some really great on-screen chemistry. It is actually rather gutting that it has taken seven seasons for us to see it
  89. Winterfell's colour palette looks so washed out compared to King's Landing and Dragonstone. For some reason, I do not remember it being so dark but maybe, that is because I'm remembering it with a happy family in it, with the same rose-tinted nostalgia as the Stark siblings
  90. Can Littlefinger just fuck off?
  91. Sansa is actually rather effective, which is probably something that I should have expected but am still rather skeptical of
  92. Can Sansa just execute him already? For crimes against her nerves? Because he is certainly getting on mine
  93. Just looking at him pisses me off
  94. Is he talking about his fucking ladder again????
  95. What is even Littlefinger's endgame? Does he even know anymore?
  96. I don't think he's this big mischief causer/strategist that it makes him out to be, I just think he's paranoid
  97. BRAN!
  98. Am I the only one not liking the idea of the Starks all being reunited and getting the family back together again? It's too happy-ever-after for a series inspired by something written by George R.R. Martin
  99. Meera's hair is definitely darker
  100. Why is he so disconnected? New Bran is WEIRD
  101. Like, really fucking weird
  102. Did Sam cure Jorah??????
  103. Oh, my God! W-O-W! Well done Sam!
  104. I am so, so, so happy that Jorah is going to be fine
  105. Even when Sam is not being funny, I find myself smiling
  106. I hope that Jim Broadbent stays awhile. Sam and the Archmaester's relationship is quickly becoming one of my favourites on the show this season
  107. Fucking ladders. Of course! Because what else would you take into battle??
  108. "Give me 10 good men and I'll impregnate the bitch" He's quoting Bronn!!! How adorable
  109. Come on, Greyworm! You can survive this
  110. Casterly Rock in all of its splendour. I mean, apart from all of the dead bodies, it is really beautiful
  111. Jaime on his big white horse looks like a dashing knight... the only problem is that he is STILL fighting for the wrong side
  112. Bronn??????
  113. Wait. If they are not at Casterly Rock, does that mean they are at Highgarden??
  114. For some reason I expected Highgarden to look differently to how it is being portrayed. More tropical, like Dorne
  115. "He really was a cunt, wasn't he?" Fucking hell, I love the Queen of Thornes
  116. This is how you kill someone and it have an emotional impact. By creating a character that people can love, relate to, and understand. My God, I love Olenna
  117. Stop rationalising Cersei's evil, Jaime. Why won't he just see sense????
  118. Oh, I hope Olenna is getting through to him. Or even confirming the own doubts that Jaime has to have in his mind by now
  119. And none of those methods of killing Olenna stirred up the word "psychopath" in your brain, Jaime? Olenna is right, you are a poor fool
  120. I knew it was going to be the wine. I've said it once but I'll say it again, this show is getting really on the nose with its poetic justice. I mean, Jaime doesn't even know that Olenna was the one who poisoned Joffrey, of all of the methods of killing her he could come up with, he just happened to land on that one...
  121. "Not at all what I intended" BAM. What an amazing character and what an amazing way for her story, and this episode, to end

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