REVIEW: Hard Times, Paramore

Monday, 24 April 2017

Fun fact: the Sheffield date on the Brand New Eyes tour was the first gig I ever went to, I mean apart from Girls Aloud and Disney on Ice but I am definitely not counting those. And although their sound has changed quite a few times since then, I still love them just the same as I did when I was fourteen.

The release of their new single brings yet another music transition - gone is the pop-punk edginess of their first few albums and the power pop of their most recent self-titled release, Hard Times instead signals an upcoming album with an indie/synth vibe, insanely catchy lyrics and an unmistakably eighties influence.
The single's music video is most certainly a homage to the decade's classics; mixing bold uses of hyper-colour and animation with quite kooky performance-footage of the band. I mean, even lead singer Hayley William's style in the video reminds me of eighties darling, Blondie's Debbie Harry. With the use of flashing lights in the low-hanging clouds, fog, geometric patterns of the backdrops and the colour-animation of the band's movements, a sort of augmented version of reality is created in the video, in which an image is created that is simultaneously both familiar and surreally odd.
This song and its music video honestly make me so excited for the upcoming May 12th-releasing album After Laughter and if the initial response from social media and music publications around the world is to be believed, 2017 is sure to be one of the best years yet for the musical trio.

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